Types Of Loft Conversion

There are many types of loft conversion and a few descriptions of the same type. The most common if a dormer loft conversion.

This involves a roof extension with a rear dormer being constructed on the rear roof. Most Dormers tend to be flat roof, which normally send shivers done most our customers spines.

There are lots of dormer types e.g. Gabled, Shed, Hipped, Deck, Flat, Eyebrow, Segmental, Arched, Inset, Wall Dormer and Cross Gable.

This need not be a worry though, as we are now using very modern and technical building techniques and materials. Old products like mineral felt are damaged by UV light and are only good for 10 years if fitted well.

Touchstone Lofts now fit GRP fibreglass flat roofing systems. The roof is fitted bespoke by our own fitting teams with this unique flat roof system that we can guarantee against leaking for 20 years.