Low Ridge Loft Conversions

If your loft space height is around 2m you are considered to have a low ridge loft. Loft conversions are not normally possible with such a low height as the room created is not a feasible living space due the head height of the loft conversions created.

Most loft conversion companies only convert lofts if the existing ridge height is at least 2.4m.

Touchstone Lofts can usually convert your loft even if the initial ridge height is 2m or sometimes even lower.

We utilize various techniques and skills to limit the amount of space taken by the conversion and create a good height and building regulation complaint living space or loft conversion.

Raising the ridge height requires planning permission and not all planning authorities allow that. The other option is to lower the ceilings on the floor below thus creating more headroom in the loft, this is not always feasible and it very disruptive.

We happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a free quote if you have a low ridge loft conversion.